160 Eaton to Evatt

Ministerial Dispatch 8/1948 BATAVIA, 3 June 1948


I have the honour to bring to notice the position of the Consular Commission [1] which is still in being as a body although inactive except for occasional meetings held for informal discussions on the political negotiations and matters affecting the military observers who strictly speaking are attached to the Consular Commission.

2. The negotiations between the Dutch and Republic under the auspices of the Committee of Good Offices appear most likely to break down at an early date and this has given rise to a fear particularly with the Republicans that a further police action by the Dutch may occur.

3. My opinion still remains that the Dutch will not be so foolish as to reopen military hostilities against the Republic but I do know on this point that the Lieutenant Governor General, Dr van Mook, the Naval Commander Admiral Pinke and Army Commander Lt.

General Spoor are non-committal in ordinary conversations.

4. In view of the uncertainty as regards future military action it seems to me that a very strong counter would be made, should the expected breakdown in negotiations take Place, if the Security Council immediately preceding the breakdown again called on the Consular Commission to renew its activities under the original term of observation of the Security Council's cease-fire order.


5. I have not discussed this rather delicate matter with any of my colleagues of the Commission or with Critchley who is away at Kaliurang.

1 A Commission, established on 25 August 1947, to observe the cease-fire order of the Security Council of 1 August 1947. It was composed of Security Council Members with career consular officials in the NEI (see Volume XI, Documents 301 and 303).

2 See Volume XI, Documents 297 and 301.

[AA:A4231/2, 1948 BATAVIA]