179 Department of External Affairs to Critchley

Cablegram 161 CANBERRA, 17 June 1948, 11.35 a.m.


Your K.132. [1]

1. Our immediately following telegram [2] contains report of Security Council meeting 10th June to discuss Indonesia. We have reported to New York present position as shown in your recent telegrams, and have stated that if Van Mook's letter represents firm refusal to accept or even consider your working paper, we shall expect that you and United States member will report jointly and fully to Security Council, even if Belgian member objects.

2. What is effect of Agreement said by Van Kleffens to have been reached 7th June for interisland and overseas trade?

1 Document 177.

2 Dispatched on 17 June, it conveyed the text of Document 174.

[AA:A1838, 854/10/4/2, vi]