183 Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram K134 BATAVIA, 17 June 1948, 6.30 p.m.


Hatta met Van Mook in a friendly atmosphere. So far Van Mook has:

(a) Rejected Australian-American proposals. [1]

(b) Stressed importance of immediate establishment of a provisional Government of 15, eight Republic Representatives, 5 non-Republicans, two Dutch but without giving details of powers of this Government.

(c) Agreed to inclusion in Government of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to the establishment of an Indonesian military force which would incorporate T.N.I.

(d) Opposed immediate elections on the grounds that conditions prevent them being free but agreed that provisional Government would arrange for free elections to a constituent assembly.

2. Republican Foreign Relations and in particular Russian recognition were dis-cussed but subject was dropped by tacit agreement. [2]

3. I understand most confidentially that (a) Van Mook told Hatta he was convinced that Dubois was responsible for the press leakage.

(b) It was agreed at the last moment that each would take one adviser, Van Mook nominating Neher and Hatta, I believe, Sjahrir.

Van Vredenburch however disputed selection of Neher who was despatched to Bangkok to meet visiting Dutch [3] Parliamentary Party. [4] Van Mook then decided to see Hatta alone.

4. Van Vredenburch has now been recalled to The Hague.

1 Document 173.

2 See Document 163 and note 4 to Document 176.

3 A sign here indicates 'mutilated'.

4 Nine members of the Netherlands parliament made a fact-finding visit to Indonesia, mainly to attend some sessions of the Bandung Conference. They were P. Kerstens, J. Logemann, E. Sassen, A.

Joekes, D. Stikker, S. Romme, H. Meijerink, M. van der Goes van Naters and H. Tilanus.

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