187 Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram K136 BATAVIA, 20 June 1948, 9.05 p.m.

To its great regret the American delegation received this morning precise instructions from the State Department that the overall plan [1] was not to be submitted to the Security Council. They consider that the telegram implies hands off Dutch policy at present.

2. This telegram follows strong diplomatic action by the Dutch at Washington and London, possibly on the lines that, while there is no basic objection to the substance of the plan, its presentation now may seriously affect the election prospects of the present Government.

3. I still feel that there is a vital need for urgent action and will endeavour to have the Committee reply as fully as possible to the Security Council's request for information on the recent breakdown. [2] This view is supported by the American advisers here. There is little possibility of success however in view of (a) the telegram from the State Department;

(b) the mild nature of the Council's request. We are to report 'at our discretion';

(c) the consistent support of the Dutch by the Belgian delegation;

(d) the Dutch agreement today to continue talks.

The Netherlands delegation will probably suggest a postponement of one week before formal discussions are re-opened and this is now likely to receive American support.

4. The State Department has not yet received the full text of the plan which the Americans are cabling today.

5. Latest developments have left Van Mook in high spirits.

1 Document 173.

2 The request for information on the breakdown of negotiations was cabled by the President of the Security Council on 18 June.

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