20 Department of External Affairs to Massey

Cablegram 30 CANBERRA, 15 January 1948


Your 28. [1]

Obviously we have had uppermost in mind for some time future commercial interests with N.E.I., but we have no knowledge of a Malayan-N.E.I. Commercial Agreement, and, in any case, it is difficult to see the relevance at this stage. If you see the full text of Sjahrir's statement, you will see that he is not being critical of Australia, but only emphasising that, whereas India have made their position clear, Australia, acting as a mediator, has not championed the Indonesian cause. Sjahrir knows that it would merely be an embarrassment to us to suggest we were championing the Indonesian cause.

1 Document 12.

[AA:A1838, 401/3/1/1, v]