290 Landale to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram Hag 166 THE HAGUE, 29 October 1948

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, STIKKER, left last night for Indonesia with BLOM, former DIRECTOR of justice in N.E.I., as adviser.

2. An official statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contains following points:

(a) The purpose of the journey is to carry out an investigation into the extent and seriousness of an 'alarming situation'.

(b) Without leading renewed negotiations, STIKKER will attempt by his presence to promote the possibility of a resumption.

(c) Quote: 'If the discussions could be resumed and by sending one of the members of the cabinet the Government once again wishes to do everything possible to achieve a satisfactory solution-the observance of the truce and an early resumption of trade would first of all have to be effected.' 3. STIKKER himself is reported by press as having expressed doubt whether dis-cussions could proceed without some guarantees from Republican Government that violations of truce would cease.

[AA:A8108/2, 280/1/48, i]