292 Massey to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 611 SINGAPORE, 29 October 1948 Received 30 October 1948


At Joint Intelligence Committee meeting yesterday, the Chairman read the text of top secret telegram from the Foreign Office to Bevin in Paris, reporting the United Kingdom Government's concern at the continued stalemate in Indonesia and urging him to take up with Stikker the immediate urgency of renewing negotiations.

2. Foreign Office appreciation of the urgency of the position is that the Dutch are going ahead to form Interim Government with the Federalists and 'will not be disappointed if the Republic does not come in'. The Dutch are also, on Foreign Office's information, contemplating further police action and completely fail to realise the effect this will have on public opinion abroad.

3. Interest of telegram lies in the strong terms in which it was drafted particularly the reference to adverse effect on Australian, New Zealand and Indian opinion of the present Dutch policy and the urgency attached by the United Kingdom Government to ending the present situation.

[AA:A1838, TS45/1/4/5, i]