30 Officer to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram Hag 11 THE HAGUE, 22 January 1948, 3.55 p.m.



The news of the signature on Saturday of the agreement reference the cease fire was received with general relief, and there was a surprising absence of criticism even from the extreme right. Now the news that the Republican delegates would accept six principles only, subject to a clarification which the Dutch authorities did not know of, has roused a storm of criticism. The Government has confirmed itself to a short statement the exact text of which is contained in my next following telegram 12.

2. I discussed the situation this morning at the Foreign Ministry who have not received yet, the clarification given by the Commission. [1] The new head of the Political Section did not hide his anxiety at the situation, nor his fear that acceptance by the Government of the six principles now, would precipitate a political crisis.

3. He spoke in a most friendly way of the good work of both Kirby and Critchley.

1 Officer habitually referred to the Committee of Good Offices as the 'Commission'.

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