359 Kevin to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 484 NEW DELHI, 8 December 1948, 11.50 p.m.


My telegram 347. [1] K.P.S. Menon asked us to interview him today, his object being to discuss informally the Indonesian question and bring us up to date with India's actions. He said that India was disappointed at the slow progress being made towards a settlement and is distressed lest the Dutch should recommence police action which might have serious consequences for the Republic. He informally showed us a copy of a telegram from Nehru to the Indian High Commissioner in London, the contents to be transmitted to the Secretary of State. Mentioning India's continuing concern in the Republic's cause the telegram stated that India could not advise the Republic to accept certain Dutch terms relating to armed forces which it understands have been made by [2] leaders of the Dutch Supreme Administrative Control, and leaders [3] of the virtually disbanded Republican forces. It also stated that the Dutch were endeavouring to bring about the withdrawal of the Good Offices Commission which action India did not approve. It stated that the defeat of the Republican forces through Dutch police action, besides causing serious bloodshed would tend to give impetus to communist elements (incidentally Menon praised the Republic's successes against Communism which had been more successful than similar action in Burma). [4] The High Commissioner will urge the Secretary of State to use his endeavours to bring about a settlement and prevent further armed conflict.

Your comments on this subject generally would be appreciated.

1 Dispatched on 1 September, it reported the Indian Government's concern about the slow progress of negotiations in Indonesia and rumours that Critchley would be recalled.

2 Signs before and after 'by' indicate 'group indecypherable'.

3 A sign here indicates 'probable meaning of mutilated group'.

4 A sign here indicates 'group indecypherable'.

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