374 Embassy in Washington to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 1272 WASHINGTON, 14 December 1948, 4.49 p.m.



1. Soemitro, Republican Representative in United States was reported to have stated yesterday that Nehru had invited the Republic to set up a Government-in-exile in India if necessary.

According to the press Soemitro expressed fear that war would break out within a few weeks as a result of unilateral action of the Dutch in breaking off negotiations. The Republic would buy arms and ammunition and enlist support of the peoples of India, Pakistan, Burma, Malaya, Australia and New Zealand. The United States could help by cutting off Marshall Aid.

2. Soemitro has today written to Indian Embassy apologizing for report which he said was 'based on misunderstanding'. Indians advise that possibility of Republican Government moving to India in emergency has been considered but no invitation has been issued. India is urging United States to use influence to restrain Dutch from taking irrevocable action before Security Council can consider GOC report. [1]

3. We saw Soemitro, today shortly after he had learned of Hatta's letter. [2] He seemed considerably heartened by the move and commented 'we can now postpone plans to declare our independence and to live as best we can'.

1 i.e. the Special Report of the Committee of Good Offices to the Security Council dated 12 December (see Document 366).

2 See Document 370.

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