399 Department of External Affairs to High Commission in London

Cablegram 4969 [CANRERRA, 20 December 1948, 4.05 p.m.] [1]


Proposal for an adjournment should be strongly resisted. Our proposition for immediate action to stop fighting and subsequent consideration of the longer term position is only possible approach.

2. It should be emphasised that the matter was raised in the Security Council under Chapter 7 and that certain orders have been given; that is, Cease Fire, and an Order to Negotiate. These orders have not been carried out and under the same Chapter the Security Council is therefore obliged to take the next steps. If the United States and United Kingdom Governments do not uphold the Security Council in this way, little hope can be held out for the Security Council ever acting in a similar situation where United States and United Kingdom interests might require determined Security Council action.

3. Please see No. E90 [2] to Dr. Evatt from the Prime Minister, where he warned of this development and the implications of Western Union generally. No heed was taken of that warning. At this stage, we believe we have every right to expect complete United States and United Kingdom support, even though it means imposing restrictions on a Western Union country in order to make them conform to the general purposes and principles which we and all Western countries are seeking to follow.

1 Inserted from copy in AA:A3196, 1948, 0.17874/5/6.

2 Cablegrams conveying the text of Document 299 were dispatched to the High Commission in London and the Embassy in Washington on 21 December.

[AA:A3318/1, L48/3/1/16]