401 Burton to Evatt

Draft Cablegram E113 [1] CANBERRA, 20 December 1948


Consulted Prime Minister last night Sunday and today, Indonesia, and Hodgson instructed to raise matter at Council along lines of cease-fire, troop withdrawal, immediate implementation of Cochran proposals, trusteeship if necessary, and sanctions. [2] Will try to keep you advised. Prime Minister appreciated your departing telegram. [3] Many thanks your personal telegram. [4] There are so many obstacles still that there is nothing to tell you apart from hint dropped before. Regards.

1 The outwards cable register suggests that this cablegram was dispatched on 20 December.

2 See Document 396.

3 Document 378.

4 In Cablegram 4465, dispatched from London on 17 December, Evatt cabled to Burton that: 'You should have consulted me about Canberra but it is a very gallant undertaking and we are proud of you. 'The reference was to Burton's decision to stand for preselection in 1949 as the Australian Labor Party candidate for the federal seat of Canberra. Burton failed to gain preselection for the seat.

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