439 Hodgson to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 279 PARIS, 22 December 1948, 11.10 p.m.


We have telegraphed summary of this morning's and this afternoon's meetings en clear. Large proportion of the day was taken up with the two statements by the Netherlands and Indonesia and it was not until late this afternoon when Jessup spoke that any progress was made in consideration of the main short-term problem i.e. cease- fire and withdrawal to status quo lines. It is probable that vote will not be taken until Friday as every member of the Council will speak. Most members so far are non-committal. Canada will clearly not go as far as we would like and France and Belgium will definitely be hostile. The report to the President of the Council summarised in our 276 [1], clearly lays the responsibility for Military action on the Dutch and quotes three definite violations of delegations as well as other arbitrary action, such as breaches of diplomatic immunity in seizure of Indonesian delegates, documents and the arrest of the staff. The report supports the contention that the final paragraph of the United States draft [2] is unnecessary. However, Jessup stated that he felt that it would be useful to have complete report as soon as possible. We have drafted an amendment to the United States draft resolution which covers the immediate points in your telegram 282. [3]

Amendment begins-

Delete the last paragraph and substitute- (c) Immediately to release the President and other prisoners arrested since 19th December.

Instructs C.G.O.

(1) To observe and report to the Security Council on the enforcement of cessation of hostilities and the withdrawal of armed forces.

(2) To ensure that there are no reprisals or punitive action against individuals.


The United States telegraphed the text to the State Department to see if acceptable. We must get it sponsored to ensure vote and United States acceptance offers the best chance of affirmative vote.

1 Document 437.

2 i.e. the paragraph in the draft resolution submitted by Syria, Colombia and the United States instructing the Committee of Good Offices to assess responsibility for the outbreak of hostilities.

See Document 407 and note 1 thereto.

3 Document 416.

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