468 Department of External Affairs to Hodgson

Cablegram P298 CANBERRA, 25 December 1948, 6 p.m.


The explanation of our in clear telegram [1] was radio report you were amending Soviet resolution. Politically this would have been difficult. Your report [2] clears matter.

2. Agree result disappointing but it is only first round. We are cabling Ottawa. You must be frank with them. They must know we are well informed and have more background and are vitally concerned and should help us.

3. We are also cabling Batavia. They are being asked to do impossible things and Council has to be told by them to be realistic and to stop dodging main issues.

4. Finally we will be cabling United States and United Kingdom, the latter having failed to recognise British Commonwealth interests in this area.

5. Press reported matter off Agenda. Your telegram contradicts that. There is great danger interest and enthusiasm of United States and others will now die. You should keep pressing larger term strategic British Commonwealth and democratic interests which may seem remote to them but which are very seriously affected.

6. Your 286. [3] Agree re Shann.

7. Please cable any information or suggestion you have to make regarding advice to Washington, Ottawa, Batavia, London or elsewhere. We are trying to co-ordinate all but cannot always judge what can help best specially what you want contained Good Office reports.

1 Presumably Document 452.

2 Document 462.

3 Dispatched on 23 December, it requested that Shann remain in Paris for another week.

[AA:A1838, 854/10/4/3, iiib]