471 Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram [K227] [1] BATAVIA, [25 December] 1948, 6.30 p.m.


Pursuant to the Security Council's resolution the following letter was sent to the Acting Chairman of the Netherlands Delegation today 25th December. Begins-

We have the honour to confirm to you that the Committee of Good Offices is in receipt of a telegram from the Security Council the text of which was communicated to you by telephone at 0956 this morning by the principal Secretary of the Committee for your official cognizance.

(2.) To enable the Committee of Good Offices to carry out the instructions given it by the above resolution it requests immediate notice from you as to the steps which have been taken by your Government to implement the resolution. It is requested that your Government also keep the Committee immediately, fully and currently informed of further steps taken by your Government in compliance with the resolution and that it be furnished with copies of the relevant orders issued to the appropriate authorities.

(3.) It will be further necessary for the Committee's military observers to proceed to the areas where fighting has been in progress including Jogjakarta. Instructions have been issued to the Committee's Military Executive Board to make arrangements for the despatch of military observers to the field. The Committee trusts that instructions will be issued to the Netherlands Military Command to give full co-operation to the Military Executive Board and to the Committee's observers.

(4.) The Committee requests that the aircraft at the disposal of the Committee of Good Offices be permitted as heretofore to operate freely in Java and Sumatra.

(5.) The Committee's Military Executive Board will consult with the Military officials of your Government on the necessary details. (6.) In order that the Republican Government may comply with the resolution it is requested that the President of the Republic and the members of his Government be given all facilities to issue directions from Jogjakarta or from such other centre as they may desire to cease hostilities.

2. A similar letter has been sent to the Secretary of the Republican Delegation in Batavia who was released yesterday afternoon.

1 Numbered according to a request made by Critchley in Cablegram K228 (Document 472).

[AA:A1838, 403/2/2/2, vi a]