477 Beasley to Chifley

Cablegram 159 LONDON, [26 December 1948], 9.30 p.m.


Your 162. [1] Indonesia.

Bevin is away resting but I today spoke to McNeil at home and put to him strongly points in your telegram 162 stressing vital nature of the issues raised by recent events for us and for United Kingdom.

McNeil claimed that United Kingdom Delegation supported our attitude on all substantial aspects of United States resolution.

He admitted that Dening had been left free on the portion dealing with duties of Committee of Good Offices if he were not satisfied that this was sufficiently clear and specific. In that case he was free at his discretion to abstain.

I will keep in close touch with matter and will be seeing McNeil at Foreign Office early in the week.

1 Document 469.

[AA:A838, 403/3/1/1, xx]