50 Kirby to Burton

Cablegram UN105 NEW YORK, 9 February 1948, 8.58 p.m.


Your UNY60. [1]

1. I am sorry that you have again seen fit to telegraph me in a manner objectionable both in form and in substance without even the courtesy of making the telegram secret and personal to me. [2] This was particularly disturbing after your telephone call which led me to think that you could indicate views contrary to mine without being offensive. [3]

2. I am not going through the telegram in detail but I resent particularly the implication that I think I 'should at all times agree with the other members of the Committee on a course of action' or that I have so acted during the performance of my task, an implication which is most unfair to me.

3. The present urgent situation requires help from you rather than telegrams of this nature which certainly do not encourage persons in my position to put themselves out considerably in an endeavour to assist your Department.

1 Document 43.

2 For an earlier exchange between Kirby and Burton see Documents 422 and 424, Volume XI.

3 No record of this conversation has been found.

[AA:A3195, 1948, 1.2415]