500 Watt to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 369 Moscow, 30 December 1948, 7.25 p.m.


The Indonesian question has been the subject of daily press comments and reports.

2. The principal points made concerning the Security Council discussions include the following:

'Anglo-American majority has acted hypocritically in verbally condemning Dutch action while being unwilling to express that condemnation in resolution; the Good Offices Committee has been a screen, and even a mouthpiece of American aims (the Australian part in the Good Offices Committee has not been mentioned either for censure or approval); the Dutch began their police action at American instigation; in abstaining in order to defeat the Soviet and associated resolutions directing a withdrawal of Dutch forces beyond the Republican territory, the majority revealed their real sympathy.'

3. No doubt in order to reconcile Soviet condemnation of the police action with modified enthusiasm for the Republic, which after all had resisted a Communist rising, the suggestion is trailed that there were pro-Dutch traitors in the Republic, and Hatta's personal negotiations with the Netherlands Ministers are linked with this. American supply of arms to the Dutch and use of American arms and equipment in Indonesia are also stressed.

4. Generally, comment has received much more space than operational details. The main points of progress of police action seem to have been reported. Considerable space devoted to reports of protests and actions such as denial of air and shipping facilities to the Dutch.

[AA : A1838, 403/3/1/1, xx]