62 Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram K64 BATAVIA, 13 February 1948

The Netherlands are skilfully delaying discussions on topics other than procedure. These tactics may be connected with the present Security Council discussions or with a continuation of the policy of establishing independent states such as West Java.

2. On procedure the Netherlands will make every effort to limit the effectiveness of the Committee. They are pressing for agreement to the suggestions in their memorandum of January 26 (S/AC/10/90). [1] It would be of great value if the Security Council would support the independence of the Committee including its right to make suggestions without awaiting requests from the parties.

3. On the basis of the Committee's statement of 17 January [2] I have urged greater publicity of the Renville agreement. A sub- committee has drafted a pamphlet to be signed by prominent leaders of both parties and by the Committee. The Americans and Belgians are inclined to argue that the Committee cannot propose the publication of the pamphlet until it obtains informal approval from the parties. This difficulty has been overcome for the time being but the draft is sure to be modified considerably when the parties are given an opportunity to approve the text.

4. Hatta followed my suggestion of writing to Van Mook and expressing the Republic's willingness to participate in an interim government. [3] Van Mook has referred the letter to the Netherlands Delegation.

1 This memorandum of the Netherlands Delegation sought to establish that the Committee of Good Offices could make no pronouncements about the 'political settlement' unless both parties requested it to do so.

2 In this statement the Committee of Good Offices suggested that it assist the Netherlands, the Republic of Indonesia and the peoples of Indonesia by publicising matters relating to the settlement of the Indonesian dispute through such means as radio, newspapers and speeches. The full text of the statement is given in United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Third Year, Special Supplement No.1, pp.68-9.

3 See Document 60.

[AA:A4357/2, 48/254, ii]