68 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN131 NEW YORK, 14 February 1948, 1.10 p.m.



The following is tentative draft of resolution which McNaughton is considering putting forward to the Council.

'The Security Council having considered the report of the Committee of Good Offices informing the Council of the steps taken by the Netherlands Government and the Republic of Indonesia to comply with the Council's resolution of August 1st. 1947 [1], notes with satisfaction the signing of the truce agreement by both parties and the acceptance by both parties of certain principles as an agreed basis for the conclusion of a political settlement on Indonesia, commends the members of the Committee of Good Offices for the assistance they have given the two parties in their endeavours to settle their dispute by peaceful means and endorses their offer of continued Good Offices in the working out of a political settlement and maintains its offer of Good Offices contained in the resolution of August 25th. 1947 and to this end, requests both parties and the Committee of Good Offices to keep the Council informed about the progress of the political settlement in Indonesia.'

1 See note 3 to Document 7.

[AA:A1838, 854/10/4/2, iv]