69 Officer to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram Hag21 THE HAGUE, 14 February 1948, 12.32 p.m.


Publication here yesterday of ANEP [1] account of alleged press conference by Commission of Good Offices aroused indignation and fear of political trouble in official circles and 'a storm of criticism' in press. When I learnt of the Netherlands East Indies Government communique [2], I urged on the Minister for Foreign [Affairs] [3] the unwisdom and impropriety of such action until all facts were known. Late last night the Chief of Political Section informed me that press reports were of 'off the record' talks untrue on certain important points. Netherlands Government issued statement to this effect early this morning. I anticipate that incident will create considerable political trouble.

1 Presumably Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau.

2 See note 2 to Document 65.

3 Word in square brackets connected from a copy on file AA:A8108/2, 280/1/48, i.

[AA:A1838,403/2/2/2, iv]