84 Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram K81 BATAVIA, 23 February 1948


Further to my K.68. [1]

The Republic has reported the following:

(1) On February the 17th the Assistant Resident of Bogor (Buitenzorg, West Java) prohibited without stating grounds, a private meeting of about 60 persons for the purpose of explaining and organising the Indonesian Plebiscite Movement.) (2) In Bekassi the controller warned the people of the village against attending a similar meeting and told them not to believe in the Plebiscite Movement. 6 days later the people who were to attend the meeting were submitted to a bodily search and a heavy military picket of 60 troops were thrown around the building for the meeting.

2. These examples illustrate the difficulties facing the Republic when they endeavour to put their case in Dutch occupied territory and the absurdity of the Dutch claim that the formation of the West Java State is proceeding democratically. They also illustrate the importance of the Committee having clearly defined powers, which will enable it, after investigation and as a last resort, to publicise a situation as contrary in its opinion to the Renville agreement.

1 Document 67.

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