85 Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram K82 BATAVIA, 24 February 1948, 10.05 p.m.


The following is a summary of the Committee's information release No.51 of February 23. Begins-

Latest figures available to the Committee indicate approximately 29,000 republican combatants evacuated from Netherlands controlled areas. Of these about 500 from South Sumatra, about 600 from East Java and remainder from West Java.

Netherlands and Republican Commands have agreed that evacuating completed as of midnight 22nd February and that the Republic therefore cannot assume responsibility for any armed forces on Netherlands side of status quo lines which failed to report for evacuation or for any acts committed by such forces.

While the Truce Agreement provided for evacuations ending 7th February, impossible to complete programme by that date.

Determination of Republic to co-operate in evacuation of its forces matched by lenient attitude of Netherlands in granting extensions of deadline and this phase of truce may be considered successful.

Security Committee has met twice during past week to consider matters referred by Steering Committee. Parties have agreed status quo lines and demilitarized zones now satisfactorily established except in the Kemit area in central Java and the Pronodjiwo area in cast Java. Security Committee has established Military sub- Committee of representatives of parties and senior military assistants of Committee to review situation in those areas.

Other matters discussed by Security Committee include release of Prisoners of War and general aviation instructions under Truce Agreement.


[AA:A1838, 403/3/1/1, xv]