95 Officer to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram Hag 29 THE HAGUE, 28 February 1948



My telegram No.27 [1] indicates a[n] unsatisfactory situation and somehow the Dutch have to be persuaded to treat the Indonesian Republic, whatever its defects or failings in their eyes, as a fact and discuss with it how it is to become a part of the Federation. Rather than ostracising it they should base their policy on the hope that as a member of the Federation its present defects will gradually disappear. Therefore I would like the Prime Minister or Mr Jonkman encouraged to make some cordial reference to the success of the evacuation plans and to cease complaining.

2. I have spoken already generally on the above lines but there is such irritation and suspicion of our motives and policy that I doubt if I have made much impression.

3. If the American Ambassador here and the Secretary of State in Washington could speak on these lines to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Van Kleffens respectively, they might have some effect. You may think it worth while to arrange such a step through Washington. You will know from the progress of the Security Council how to time such an approach.

1 Document 87

[AA:A8108/2,280/1/48, i]