97 Kirby to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN190 NEW YORK, 28 February 1948, 7.34 p.m.


1. Session on Indonesia concluded this afternoon.

Results- (A) Chinese Resolution carried requesting the Committee to give particular attention to political developments in West Java and Madura and to report thereon at frequent intervals. [1]

(B) Canadian Resolution carried in form previously telegraphed.


(C) Australian amendment [3] not put but statements made clearly showing Committee may act as suggested by me. The President was particularly strong and Van Kleffens' protest clearly ineffectual.

(D) Colombian amendment [4] lost.

2. I think the debate and results very satisfactory particularly (A) and (C) of paragraph 1. Once (C) was achieved Colombian amendment did not matter. 3. I am returning via London and Singapore so that I can see Critchley at Singapore. I leave London Tuesday second March and arrive Singapore midday Thursday leaving early Friday morning.

Would appreciate Critchley meet me Singapore so that we may confer Thursday.

4. Should arrive Sydney Saturday 6th March.

Please inform family.

1 See paragraph 6 of Document 96.

2 See Document 68.

3 See paragraph 8 of Document 82.

4 See note 4 to Document 92.

[AA:A1838, 403/3/1/1, xv]