268 Officer to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 236 NANKNG, 28 September 1949


Your telegram unnumbered received on September 16th [1], in answer, I assume, to my No. 223. [2] have been advised informally (all communications are informal) that the Communist Authorities expect me and the other Heads of Missions to leave China as soon as possible after the establishment of the new Government unless our Governments are granting de jure recognition immediately and to remain away until our Governments grant such recognition. Our Embassy Office and Consulate General may continue to carry on informally.

2. Accordingly I am making arrangements to leave for Hong Kong when transport is available, probably in the second part of October. But I shall not hurry to leave, or take necessarily the first opportunity.

3. After I leave, Clark [3] will remain in Nanking and report through the British Embassy Office (provided it is allowed to continue the use of wireless) and Loveday remains in Shanghai and reports through the British Consul General. Gorman [4] would remain at Nanking. See my immediately following telegram No. 237 sent en clair. [5]

1 Document 267.

2 Presumably cablegram 221 (Document 265).

3 Colonel A.G. Clark, Military Attache.

4 G.D.Gorman, Cypher Officer.

5 Dispatched 28 September, Officer proposed staffing arrangements in the event of his leaving China as soon as the new Government was established.

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