100 Department of External Affairs to Australian Delegation, United Nations, and Burton

Cablegrams 26, 23 CANBERRA, 17 January 1949, 3.20 p.m.



Your UN.24 and 25. [1]

Main objection to United States draft resolution is its instructions to both parties to resume negotiations under United Nations Commission's auspices. As stated in our 22 [2] we do not consider that resumption of negotiations would be satisfactory though even with suggested time limit, might help; on the other hand it might give the Dutch at least two months more in which to exert pressure on the Republic. Security Council should recognise at once, in light of experience, that negotiations are likely to be fruitless and should make up its mind that it will have to lay down terms of settlement.

We recognise, however, that it will be difficult, if not impossible, for Council hurriedly to draw up satisfactory and comprehensive settlement terms for inclusion in pending resolution. Better course would be for Council to give its new Commission three weeks in which to draw up technical details a just and workable settlement (working by majority vote and consulting parties as necessary) for presentation to Security Council for endorsement. If this is done it should be possible to advance rest of time-table for elections and transfer of sovereignty. Please explore fully with United States and Indian representatives.

Our views on necessity for complete withdrawal of Dutch forces from the field before elections take place still hold, and this should be made specific in resolution.

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2 Document 94.

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