101 Evatt to Burton

Cablegram 25 CANBERRA, 17 January 1949


Have just seen 13 [1] to Delhi and reply No. 27. [2] The procedure suggested in 13 seems satisfactory but very difficult to limit public speeches unless India fully on side. At same time exclusive initiative remaining with India has its own special dangers.

There should be a small steering or management committee of not more than 5 nations including Australia to be given general control of procedure. Broad objective should be resolution along lines advocated by Australia [3] before Security Council at Paris and New York and agreement to refer matter for discussion to current meeting of General Assembly, for purpose of reviewing Security Council's handling of situation. Latter procedure is completely constitutional and should at same time act as check to further Security Council indifference or inertia.

1 Cablegram 59.

2 Document 68.

3 See Document 396 in Volume XIII.

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