16 Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram K236 BATAVIA, 4 January 1949, 6.45 p.m.


Your telegram 340. [1]

Telegram 323 [2] was sent by Pritchett. For the convenience of the Consulate, it would be helpful if telegrams from you intended for this Delegation were addressed to me.

2. I feel that it would be useful for Australia to remain on the Consular Commission in order to temper as far as possible any tendency for the Commission to whitewash the Dutch in its reports.

In any case, any change in the original composition could only be made by the Security Council.

3. It may be useful to explore the possibility of having the Security Council rescind the Colombian resolution of December 28th [3] on the grounds that it is undesirable for the Security Council to have two independent bodies working on the same task in Indonesia. I believe the United States would be sympathetic.

4. If the Consular Commission functions, Pritchett, as Australian representative, may be absent from Batavia for lengthy periods, leaving no Consular representative here.

1 Document 507 in Volume XIII.

2 Document 501 in Volume XIII.

3 This resolution requested the Consular Commission to report on the situation in the Republic of Indonesia. See Documents 481 and 489 in Volume XIII.

[AA : A1838, 403/3/1/1, xx]