167 Australian Delegation, United Nations to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN64 NEW YORK, 27 January 1949, 8.40 p.m.


1. Security Council had two further meetings today without coming to a vote which now seems likely tomorrow. [1] It became known during the day that pro-Dutch elements were anxious for delay in the hope that it might be possible to make some announcement or promises which might upset the reasonably assured majority of United States, Norway, Egypt, Cuba, Canada, China and the United Kingdom. It is expected that France, Argentine (which has made no contribution whatsoever) Ukraine and USSR will abstain. United States were accordingly anxious that the vote should be taken today. However Netherlands asked for 24 hours during which to consult The Hague on the amendments which we reported yesterday and which were tabled today and the Chairman acceded to this request.

2. Speakers today were Indonesia, Australia, Burma, Belgium, Netherlands, China, Canada, USSR and the United States.

3. We made statement comparing the joint draft [2] with Delhi resolution [3] and asking for improvements along the lines of the latter. We also took the opportunity to refer to fact of Dutch delay in permitting a representative of the Republic to come to New York.

4. During the luncheon adjournment the United States impressed upon us the need for speed in view of the risk that the present majority might disintegrate. In the light of your 52 [4] we assured them we were not pressing our suggestions to the point of endangering the resolution as a whole. It is clear in any case that the United Kingdom will go no further and their abstention would possible carry Canada. Palar agrees that despite its unsatisfactory features the resolution is better than none at all and he used his influence to shorten the promised statement.

5. Statements of other representatives followed lines which may have been expected it being noteworthy that most delegations are dissatisfied with the draft but realise that it is the most that can be achieved from the Council.

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