231 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN125 NEW YORK, 18 February 1949, 4.08 p.m.



Your 102. [1]

1. Assume statement referred to paragraph 2 your telegram was that made by Maarseveen in Netherlands Parliament 16th February. As received here this statement not entirely clear. United States Delegation are inclined to regard it as having been made possibly for party reasons and are awaiting formal Netherlands Government statement scheduled for today before considering their attitude.

2. While there is obviously little reason to feel optimistic about promised Government statement, it may be better for Critchley not to press immediately for action in sense of paragraph 3 of your telegram as on indications here he is unlikely to make headway with Cochran until United States have received and considered Netherlands Government statement.

3. In Press Conference this morning Palar gave highly confident account of Republic Military operations according to which Dutch Forces in Sumatra and West Java were in great difficulties. He said that he personally regretted that the Commission recommended postponement of report. [2] There was evidence now that the Security Council resolution [3] did not reflect the real situation in Indonesia as the Council was not in possession of facts of the military position. In the coming recommendations of the Commission and the decision of the Netherlands Government, full consideration must be accorded to military successes of the Republican Army.

1 Document 226.

2 See Document 224.

3 Document 168.

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