234 Bedi to Burton

Letter CANBERRA, 21 February 1949

Further to my letter [1] of 14th February, 1949, I give below gist of communication received from the Government of India- Although more than three weeks have elapsed since the Delhi Conference ended and almost three weeks since the Council adopted its last resolution [2], there is no Dutch acceptance of the Security Council's resolution. Such reports as we get from Batavia suggest that the Dutch are still planning to set up Indonesian Government which, while ostensibly free, would really be controlled by the High Commissioner or Supreme Dutch Representative of Indonesia and the Republic, if represented at all, would not have effectual representation. United Nations Indonesian Commission have asked for postponement of its report which was originally asked for from 15th February till 1st March, and we have to reckon with the possibility that any positive action to carry resolution of 28th January may be indefinitely delayed. Governments which participated in Delhi Conference have, in our opinion, to begin considering from now on what action they should urge on the Council if Dutch pursuit of present tactics continue. The possibility of the application of sanctions against the Dutch suggests itself. Feasibility of this will need examination and we would suggest that the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia should start such examination now.

1 Not found.

2 Document 168.

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