301 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN194 NEW YORK, 16 March 1949, 9.55 p.m.



My 192. [1]

1. Council discussion today [2] was continued by Norway, France, Cuba, Australia, Philippines, Netherlands and Ukraine.

2. Both Norway and France pressed for agreement with Canadian- Chinese proposal. [3] Cuba took satisfactory line against non- compliance and stated that the only course was for the Dutch to carry out conditions laid down in January resolution [4] whereafter Republican Government could decide what conditions for round table conference would be acceptable.

3. We made statement on the lines of your telegrams pointing out that the present decision necessitated no further action on the part of the Council except to insist on implementation of the resolution especially as regards its preliminary prerequisites.

Obligation was on the Dutch to carry these out and no valid reasons of any kind had been given why the Dutch could not do this. Philippines also said nothing should be done which would nullify or set aside the principles of the resolution. If there was to be a preliminary meeting in Batavia this should be for the purpose only of arrangement of facilities for re-establishment of the Republic. The Netherlands statement was given largely to explanation why they could not agree to restore the Republic-this would be a betrayal of Federalists who did not want a United States of Indonesia dominated by the Republic.

4. Council adjourned until Monday to allow time for private discussion and consultation with Governments. United States now realise that the trend of the Council debate is against acceptance of formula in terms set out in my 192. Apart from the attitude of other participants it is fairly certain that there will be at least four and possibly five (Argentina) members of the Council against anything that looked like a compromise with the resolution. They are, therefore, now trying to devise the new formula. Will keep you informed.

1 Document 300.

2 The full text of the meeting is given in United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Fourth Year, No.22, 419th Meeting, pp.1-28.

3 See Document 293.

4 Document 168.

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