306 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN207 NEW YORK, [21 March 1949], 10.55 p.m.



My UN.194. [1]

1. Council discussion today [2] produced very little that was new.

India, Pakistan and Indonesia were main speakers. All three took the line that any preliminary meeting to be acceptable and consistent with Council resolution [3] should be confined to discussion and arrangements for re-establishment of Government in Djokjakarta. Palar added such discussions should have maximum limit of 14 days which should include the repatriation of the government. He also asked for immediate report from Commission on military situation and followed Norwegian suggestion [4] last week in proposing an investigation of alleged atrocities by some competent organ.

2. Debate was again adjourned until Wednesday. In the interval between last meeting and today Americans had revised text of their formula [5] in the direction of giving priority to agreement on arrangements for return to Djokjakarta. It was the intention that Canada should submit revised text today but during debate this plan was changed for the reason I understand that Cuba and Egypt had decided that revised formula was not strong enough. Another revision is to be made between now and Wednesday.

3. As result of debate over the last week the feeling of the Council has undoubtedly hardened against the Netherlands.

1 Document 301.

2 The full text of the discussion is given in United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Fourth Year, No.23, 420th Meeting. pp.1-28.

3 Document 168.

4 In the 419th Meeting of the Security Council on 16 March, Arne Sunde questioned whether the Security Council should '...ask any other organ of the United Nations or any other international organization, governmental or non-governmental, to investigate the question of alleged of alleged atrocities in Indonesia'.

5 See Document 300.

[AA : A1838, 402/6/1/1, ii]