329 Department of External Affairs to Hood

Cablegrams 168 CANBERRA, 29 March 1949, 4.40 p.m.


1. Government endorsed the Delhi resolution [1] placing Indonesia on the agenda of the Assembly if no satisfactory settlement had been reached by April. We communicated with New Delhi to ascertain what action they proposed and suggested we might act together.

Indian Government is prepared to act with us though prefer to act alone as the host Government of the Asian Conference. In accordance with the Asian resolution it would be preferable if item were placed on agenda by all or as many as possible of the Asian Conference countries acting together, but failing this you should join with Indian representative [2] and place item on agenda. We have asked High Commissioner [3] at New Delhi to inform the Indian Government of this suggestion.

2. An alternative is for Indonesian question to be discussed on basis of the Annual Report of the Security Council which is already before the Assembly but this has the objection that the matter would be considered only as one among a number of different questions dealt with in the report.

3. A third alternative mentioned by Indians in Delhi was for Security to be asked to report unless there were certainty of Council agreement (which there is not) first alternatives are preferable.

1 Document 144.

2 B.R. Sen.

3 H.R.P. Gollan.

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