348 Usman to Burton

Letter CANBERRA, 9 April 1949

Referring to our recent conversation on the possibility of the return of the Republican government to Jocjacarta, I should like to draw your attention for the following:

a) according to reports of the U.N. Commission on Indonesia Republican government buildings at Jocjacarta have been emptied by the Dutch. It includes twelve ministries, the President's and the Prime Minister's offices, court-, bank- and other buildings.

b) All office-material and equipment have been removed or destroyed by the Dutch.

c) it is also reported that the Dutch have taken away all available food, textiles and medical supplies, as well as commodities-stocks such as sugar, soyabeans, vanilla, and kapok, whereas transport means have been requisit[ion]ed or destroyed.

As you will realise a smooth re-functioning of the Republican government would be impossible without the re-equipment of said offices and without re-supplies of food, medicines, textiles, etc, for the approximately 1,500,000 population of Jocjacarta.

According to above-mentioned facts the most urgent needs for the functioning of the Republican government at Jocjacarta are:

1. office-equipment such as stationery, typewriters, stencils, etc.

2. food, medical and textiles supplies for the Jocjacarta population for the first six months, and 3. means of communications such as telephone and radio-equipments, cars and other transport means.

Past experience showed us that we cannot rely on any Dutch favours in compliance with the obligations imposed upon them by the Security Council or on any Dutch conciliatory attitude.

The costs of the most urgent needs are estimated at approx. Rs.

46,000,000 or A. 325,000 ($ 1,000,000 USA) for the first six months. To meet these costs the Republic needs an immediate loan of this amount. Redemption of this loan may begin as soon as the blockade of the Republican ports is lifted and Republican raw materials and commodities can be exported again.

This financial help could be rendered on a principle of mutual help, co-operation and insurance by the countries which actively have participated in the New Delhi Conference to a nation which is a victim of armed aggression, a deed condemned and outlawed by the U.N. Charter.

Such a gesture as the first practical step would be completely within the scope of activities of the New Delhi Conference.

It goes without saying that it is up to the government concerned to what proportion in the loan it is prepared to contribute.

Therefore, on behalf of my Government, I have the honour to invite you to forward above request for a loan to your Government for a prompt and serious consideration.

[AA : A1838, 401/3/10/3]