354 High Commission in New Delhi to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 273 NEW DELHI, 11 April 1949, 7.55 p.m.


Indonesia Our 261. [1]

Bajpai informed us this morning that Wednesday's meeting would discuss the following- (i) Whether the Dutch should be denounced before the General Assembly in the event of no satisfactory treatment of the issue being forthcoming.

(ii) Whether the Governments concerned should press the Security Council to adopt economic sanctions. (Bajpai remarked that such action as cutting off transit rights could be undertaken without reference to the Security Council.) 2. He also said at the meeting that there would be an informal exchange of views on Maramis's letter of 29th March, conveyed to you in our telegram 266. [2]

1 Document 338.

2 Document 344.

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