364 Department of External Affairs to Australian Delegation, United Nations

Cablegram 196 CANBERRA, 15 April 1949, 11 p.m.


Our 180. [1]

Representatives of Australia, India, Siam, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, China, Ceylon, Burma and Afghanistan met on 13th April in New Delhi under Chairmanship of Nehru.

2. Despite Bajpai's assurances beforehand that discussions would be informal meeting was confronted at outset with an Indian Draft Resolution. Gollan reports that discussion was not prolonged nor were the views put forward by different representatives either well informed or very pronounced. Australian representative did not commit Government and explained that he had anticipated merely an exchange of views and had not come prepared to discuss a Draft Resolution.

3. Following telegram [2] contains text of Indian Draft resolution.

4. Meeting also discussed letter [3] from Emergency Republican Government to Governments represented at New Delhi Conference drawing attention to the economic needs of the Republic should the Government be restored to Djockjakarta. On a basis of a rough assessment Republicans claimed that there would be a need for a loan of 46,000,000 Rupees for office equipment, transport, food etc. The letter also suggested that the countries represented at the New Delhi Conference might give consideration to the problem.

5. We advised the High Commissioner in New Delhi that relief for the Republic was really a three-fold problem as follows:

1. Restoration of full administrative facilities in Djockjakarta was responsibility of Dutch and United Nations Commission should ensure Dutch discharge this responsibility.

2. Deteriorating economic situation in Java raises an immediate relief problem and the provision of additional relief supplies is one practical way in which the Governments represented at New Delhi Conference could assist.

3. In connection with long-term aid in form of finance it was suggested that Republicans after restoration in Djockjakarta might invite a commission of interested Governments to examine their economic problems.

6. These views were welcomed by all present. Nehru suggested that representatives should consider the Republicans' letter in the light of the Australian suggestions. No resolution was adopted.

Bajpai considered major powers should participate in any loan.

7. In closing the meeting Nehru drew attention to the prolongation of the Indonesian dispute and indicated that Java was a danger zone from which anything might happen and he thought that all responsible Governments should take a strong line in the matter.

1 See note 1 to Document 346.

2 Dispatched on 15 April, it conveyed the text of Document 361.

3 Document 344.

[AA : A1838, 854/10/4/3, v]