380 Department of External Affairs to Beasley and Hood

Cablegrams 1920, 231 CANBERRA, 7 May 1949


Our 1912. [1]

The Republican Government has now approved the proposals contained in our 1913. [2] They have indicated, however, that these latest proposals are the limit of their concessions and in event of rejection by Dutch negotiations will reach deadlock.

2. Critchley has advised that it is by no means certain that the proposals will be approved by The Hague where they are at present being discussed. He anticipates Dutch reluctance to agree to the return of the entire residency of Djokjakarta and in particular the airfield at Maguwo.

3. There is the danger at this stage that as the General Assembly is in its last week the Dutch decision will be postponed in the hope that this will prevent effective action by the Assembly thus leaving the Dutch in a much stronger position. The Dutch could well argue that informal discussions are being held and that Assembly action would be premature or even harmful.

4. It is imperative that the Netherlands should agree to the proposals and the Foreign Office should ensure that every effort is made to obtain immediate and unconditional Dutch approval.

1 Document 378.

2 See note 2 to Document 378.

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