384 Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram K308 BATAVIA, [7 May 1949], 4.15 p.m.


The Netherlands Government is prepared to accept draft statements set out in K.306 [1] subject to an understanding on the use of Maguwo airfield. In final drafting there may be one or two minor changes of wording and the order of paragraphs three and four of Netherlands statements may be reversed.

2. Agreement on Maguwo airfield will probably be obtained by an unpublished exchange of letters incorporating the following understanding:

'It is agreed that with the return of the Republican Government to Djokjakarta and with restoration of Residency of Djokjakarta to the Republic[an] administration, the airfield of Maguwo will be operated strictly and solely as a civil airport. It is agreed that there shall be no traffic in arms or ammunition in or through this airport or any illegal flights. It is agreed that airport of Maguwo shall not be used by military aircraft of either party except in case such aircraft is in distress. Finally it is agreed that operation of Maguwo will be subject to observation by military observers of U.N.C.I.'

3. Unless there is an unexpected hitch the statements of the parties will be formalised at a meeting under the auspices of U.N.C.I. at five p.m. Saturday May 7th. Cochran as chairman will confirm statements as follows:

'Will two [chairmen] [2] kindly confirm my understanding that the statement which they have just made were agreed upon in consultation, that each finds himself in accord with the position set forth by the other and that statements are hereby formally confirmed and accepted.'

4. At this afternoon's meeting it is also intended to set up a joint committee, to make necessary investigations and preparations for the preliminary return of Republican Government at Djokjakarta. Civilian deputies and senior military advisers of three representatives on the Commission will work on joint committee with delegations of parties. Chairmanship will rotate amongst civilian deputies. Cutts and Prior will represent Australia.

5. The parties will continue to meet under the auspices of the Commission in Batavia to discuss other matters on the agenda.

These will mainly concern details for an effective cessation of hostilities and details regarding round table conference at The Hague.

1 Document 376.

2 Word in square brackets inserted from a copy on file AA :

A4968/2, 25/9/3, ii.

[AA : A1838, 854/10/4/3, v]