40 Burton to Gollan

Cablegram 2 CANBERRA, 7 January 1949, 2 p.m.


I hope sudden developments regarding Asian Conference will not seriously disturb your arrangements but I feel we may be able to take advantage of it to further objects of your mission and facilitate your preliminary contacts with Indian leaders. In your formal calls on Rajagopalachari, Nehru and Patel especially you could develop line suggested to you in Australia and importance of Indian-Australian collaboration so expressly recognised by Dr.


New Delhi office has full information regarding Indonesian dispute but in discussions glad you bear in mind:

(1) possibility that Security Council may take firmer line thus rendering unnecessary any specific action or recommendation by Conference or possibly even our attendance;

(2) Australia's consistent advocacy of settlement of all disputes inside framework of United Nations Charter;

(3) reluctance of Australian Government to create impression of 'ganging up' with Asiatic countries against United Kingdom, United States of America, Dutch and other western European powers.

[AA : A1838, 401/3/1/1, vi]