413 Quinn to Burton

Memorandum THE HAGUE, 20 May 1949

On 12th May the Netherlands Ministry for Overseas Territories ad interim, Mr J.H. van Maarseveen, made a statement to the House regarding the agreement invoked by the Van Royen - Rum statements.


2. Debate on this statement was deferred until Tuesday of this week by which time Dr Beel's letter informing the Queen of his desire to be relieved of his post, had reached The Hague. The result of this postponement was that more attention was devoted in the Chamber to the resignation of Dr Beel than to the substance of the Agreement. (See my memorandum No. Hag. 145/49 [2]).

3. The Minister for Overseas Territory pointed out that the agreement was formed by two statements. Of these the statement by the Republican Delegation was the first in order of time, and comprised assurances concerning the ending of guerilla warfare, peaceful co-operation and participation in the Round Table Conference. This statement was only a promise by the two highest members of the Government of the Republic to promote a certain policy and to urge the acceptance of that policy by the Government of the Republic. The statement of the Netherlands Delegation, on the other hand, contained a definite undertaking by the Netherlands Government to follow a certain course of action. Thus if the Republican leaders should not succeed in realising the policy they had accepted, the agreement would lapse.

4. Copies of Mr van Maarseveen's statement, translated by the A.N.P.-Aneta News Bulletin, are attached. [3]

1 See Documents 376 and 385.

2 Document 410.

3 Not published.

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