419 Embassy in Washington to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 454 WASHINGTON, 24 May 1949, 2.19 p.m.


Your 293. [1]

I took the opportunity when Harry saying goodbye to Butterworth to convey the views expressed in your 293.

Butterworth discounted our anxiety over the possibility of Dutch delaying The Hague Conference and thought that there was no evidence of this so far. He emphasised the number of administrative problems which had to be dealt with and some delay inevitable.

He was opposed to continuing pressure on the Dutch, particularly if of a public nature, as it tended to unite the Dutch against their critics. He agreed, however, in answer to a specific question, that should subsequent events make it clear that the Dutch were stalling, the United States would use its influence to persuade the Dutch of the necessity for an early settlement.

1 Document 414.

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