426 Pritchett to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram 79 BATAVIA, 31 May 1949, 5 p.m.



The Dutch will not agree to the Republic receiving all the supplies consigned to it. They argue that it was on the basis for a distribution to all former Republican territories that they agreed to the original allocation and ask that, to ensure this distribution, supplies be now divided between the territories in which the Republic is to regain control and in which it exercised control before Military action.

2. The following arrangement is suggested:

To save further storage costs (now amounting to about 6,500 guldens) goods be at once transferred to Indonesian Red Cross Storerooms which are now available; when present discussions on territories to be restored to the Republic are concluded, goods to be divided between the Republic and former Republican areas on the basis of hospital figures (numbers of beds, number of patients per week etc), the portion reserved for former Republican territories then to be distributed by Indonesian Red Cross in co- operation with Sullivan as the Republic arranged.

3. This arrangement is the most satisfactory compromise to be obtained from the Dutch without further delaying distribution of supplies. It is agreeable to Leimena who is anxious to have supplies available immediately on the restoration of Djokjakarta.

Would you please advise as to whether you approve.

4. Owing to Spoor's death [1] no decision is yet available on textiles.

1 Spoor died on 25 May.

[AA : A1838, 401/3/10/3]