463 Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram K334 BATAVIA, 1 August 1949, 5.35 p.m.


The Netherlands and Republican Delegations together with representatives of the B.F.O. met in plenary session under the auspices of the Commission this morning, 1st August. The parties formalised their agreements on the three basic documents [1] of the cease-hostilities (the cease-hostilities order, the joint proclamation and the regulations for the implementation of the order and on the Netherlands/Indonesian manual for the implementation of the cessation of hostilities. The cease- hostilities orders will be given at 2030 hours Batavia time on 3rd August with effect from midnight of 10/11th August in Java and midnight of 14th/15th August in Sumatra. Cutts, who left Batavia today is carrying copies of the four documents.

2. The meeting also established a Joint Control Board to supervise the implementation of the cease-hostilities and a sub-committee to work out article 7 of Van Royen's statement [2] of 7th May. Both bodies will be under the chairmanship of the Commission. It is also agreed to consider the establishment of a sub-committee to deal with the release of political prisoners and prisoners of war.

1 See Document 436.

2 See Document 376 and 385.

[AA : A3094/1, 2/1]