464 Australian Delegation, United Nations, to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram UN448 NEW YORK, [4 August 1949], 4.37 p.m.


Reference our memorandum 489. [1]

The Indonesians are disturbed at the announcement made yesterday to the Dutch Parliament that the date for the Round Table Conference would not be fixed until complete cease-fire is operative. Their view, which seems sound, is that the success of the cease-fire may itself depend on the speed of the calling of the conference. Dutch tactics are reminiscent of last year, and we are informed that the State Department is also disturbed and is awaiting a report from Canberra.

2. While the Dutch may be unlikely to hold up the conference until the Assembly meets, even that delay might be dangerous to effective Republican implementation of the cease-fire. It is possible that an early meeting of the Council, which would inevitably enquire into the date of the conference, might be useful.

3. The opportunity for this might be the report on the cease-fire expected from UNCI at any time.

1 Dispatched on 26 July, it suggest that Critchley should persuade the UN Commission for Indonesia to make a report to the Security Council on the progress of negotiations in Indonesia in case the UN General Assembly wished to discuss matter at the Fourth Session.

[AA : A3094/1, 2/1]