524 Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram C34 THE HAGUE, 1 November 1949, 12.58 p.m.


Agreement has been reached on the right of self-determination.

Paragraph 3 of the draft set out in my C.33 [1] has been dropped but the following qualification has been added to paragraph 1., 'with the understanding that a plebiscite will be held among the population of territories thereto indicated by the Government of the Republic of the United States of Indonesia upon the recommendation of the U.N.C.I. or of another organ of the United Nations under supervision of the U.N.C.I. or the other United Nations Organ referred to on the question whether they shall form a separate component State'. [2]

2. There will be an exchange of letters to the effect that the 'tin pledge' will be suspended with the transfer of sovereignty but that appropriate Union Ministers will meet to consider means of relieving the Netherlands of risks associated with the guarantees they have given on behalf of the R.I.S. [3]

3. All the issues of the R.T.C. have now been settled and apart from some Indonesian heartburning over New Guinea all delegates appear to be well satisfied with themselves. My immediately following telegram sets out the text of the draft covering resolution which will be signed by all participants in the R.T.C.

including U.N.C.I. members to formalise the agreements. Details of the agreements and of the provisional constitution of the R.I.S.

are being forwarded by airmail.

1 Document 523.

2 See Article 2 of the 'Agreement on Transitional Measures' in United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Fourth Year, Special Supplement No. 6, p. 102.

3 See note 4 to Document 521.

[AA : A1838, 403/2/3/2, vi]