525 Critchley to Department of External Affairs

Cablegram C35 THE HAGUE, 2 November 1949, 12.40 p.m.



The Delegation of (1) the Kingdom of the Netherlands (2) the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (3) the Federal Consultative Assembly, considering that they have assembled at the round table conference to achieve at the earliest possible time an appropriate and lasting solution of the Indonesian conflict by reaching agreement between the participants on the way of transferring real, complete and unconditional sovereignty to the Republic of the United States of Indonesia in accordance with the Renville principles [1] considering that this aim has been achieved in good co-operation, considering that the U.N.C.I. has given valuable assistance have reached the following decisions:

I. The results of the round table conference are embodied in draft agreements and in letters which documents are attached to this resolution.

II. (a) The draft agreements [2] are the following- 1. The draft charter of transfer of sovereignty.

2. The draft union statute including appendices and special agreements on the principle subjects of future co-operation.

3. The draft agreement on the transition period including special agreements on the settlement of those subjects which require provisions as a result of the transfer of sovereignty.

(b) The delegations have expressed their respective points of view on a number of separate issues in an exchange of letters.

III. The documents enumerated under (a) and (b) are drawn up in the Netherlands and in the Indonesian languages. Both texts have equal value.

The official English text will prevail in case of divergent interpretation of the Netherlands and Indonesian texts.

IV. The acceptance of this resolution by the Kingdom of the Netherlands on the one side and the territories acceding to the Republic of the United States of Indonesia on the other side will [be considered] the ratification of the documents attached to this resolution. The ratification by a party will lose validity if any other party does not ratify this resolution.

V. The agreements referred to under II will come into force at the moment of the transfer of sovereignty which will take place at a formal ceremony at Amsterdam to be held not later than 30th December 1949.

VI. The UNCI or another United Nations agency shall observe in Indonesia the implementation of the agreements reached at the round table conference.

1 See Documents 22, 23 and 24 in Volume XIII.

2 For the text of these agreements see United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Fourth Year, Special Supplement No. 6, pp. 91, 95-101, 102-5.

[AA : A3094/1, 2/1]