526 Quinn to Burton

Memorandum Hague 335/49 THE HAGUE, 3 November 1949


As briefly described in my telegram No.186 [1] of yesterday the second and final Plenary Session of the Round Table Conference took place in the Ridderzaal or Knights' Hall of the Parliament buildings in The Hague on 2nd November. The meeting, which was presided over by the Netherlands Prime Minister, Dr. Drees, began at 2.20 p.m. and ended at 5.20 p.m. Notwithstanding the relatively short and simple agenda, the meeting was considerably protracted by the reading of translations into Indonesian and English of the various speakers' remarks and it was only by waiving a number of translations by general agreement towards the end of the meeting that it was possible to conclude it at the time mentioned.

2. The core of the ceremony was the signing of the covering resolution [2] introducing the various documents agreed upon at the Conference. The text of these agreements, while accepted in principle by all parties, are still to be subjected to a scrutiny by a drafting sub-committee, composed of two members of each delegation, set up by the steering committee for the purpose of unifying phraseology and co-ordinating translations. It is noteworthy that in cases where interpretation of the Dutch and Indonesian texts may diverge, the English version shall be decisive. On completion of the drafting sub-committee's work the leaders of the various delegations will exchange letters certifying the final texts.

3. The text of the covering Resolution was conveyed in telegram No. C.35 of 1st November. The text attached to this memorandum as document GS1228/RTC with appendices, omits paragraph 6 referring to the observation to be carried out by U.N.C.I. or a successor body, of the implementation of the various agreements in Indonesia after the transfer of sovereignty. Owing to the heavy pressure on the Commission secretariat over the last few days completely coordinated texts are not available but the papers forwarded herewith cover the following draft agreements [3]:-

a) Charter of the transfer of sovereignty including article on residency of New Guinea.

b) Draft Agreement on transitional measures.

c) Draft Agreement concerning the assignment of citizens.

d) Exchange of letters on the status of High Commissioners.

e) Draft Union Statute.

f) Draft Agreement on co-operation in the field of foreign relations..

g) Exchange of letters on nationality rights to civil procedure and protection of the law.

h) Financial and economic Agreements.

i) Draft Agreement 'for the effectuation of articles 2 and 21 of the Union-Statute'. (Committee for Military Affairs.) 4. A translation of the Constitution of the R.I.S. (Republik Indonesia Serikat) will be forwarded as soon as it becomes available. A following memorandum [4] will summarise the remarks made by the various speakers at the Conference.

5. The business of the meeting proceeded smoothly and brought no surprises. The chairman read out a letter which he had received from Mr. P. Blauw, leader of the Netherlands Minorities in Indonesia, stating that the representatives of his group had decided not to be present at the final Plenary Session on the grounds that they could not at this stage influence the course of events and did not wish to give the impression by their presence that they assented to the agreements reached. The chairman pointed out briefly that the views of this group had been thoroughly considered in committee and that while he regretted the absence of its representatives, he felt that their viewpoint had received all the attention it deserved.

1 Dispatched on 2 November, it reported that the Round Table Conference had ended with a Plenary Session.

2 Document 525.

3 See United Nations, Security Council Official Records, Fourth Year, Special Supplement No. 6, pp. 53-170.

4 Not published.

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