542 Department of External Affairs to Heydon, Makin and Gollan

Cablegrams 5455, 694, 333 CANBERRA, 20 December 1949


Recognition of Indonesia. We should be glad to know as early as possible specific intentions of United Kingdom/United States/Indian Governments regarding recognition of Indonesia. We understand all three Governments have designated diplomatic representatives to take up duty in Batavia as soon as the New Indonesian State comes into being, and we infer from this that the intention is to recognise the new state on 27th December or very soon thereafter. Please ascertain what United Kingdom/United States/Indian Government has in mind regarding precise date and form of recognition. We would consider recognition de jure should be accorded to the new state and the New Government at the same time, preferably at the conclusion of the ceremony on 27th or 28th December. [1]

1 Heydon and Makin and Gollan replied on 20 and 21 December that the UK, US and Indian Governments would accord de jure recognition to the Republic of the United States of Indonesia immediately after the transfer of sovereignty and that the three Governments would also establish Embassies in Indonesia.

[AA : A1838, 401/3/1/1, vii]